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Private swimming pools, hot tubs and spas, containing water more than 24 inches in depth shall be completely surrounded by a fence or barrier at least 48 inches in height.  Gates and doors in such barriers shall be self-closing.
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Police Dept
Mission Statement

The mission for every member of the Tarentum Borough Police Department is to consistently seek and find ways to affirmatively promote, preserve and deliver security, safety and productive, quality services to members of our community.

Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: 412-473-3056

Police Chief
William S. Vakulick

Police Officers
Ryan Hanford – Sergeant
James Newcomer – Sergeant
Robert Lang – Patrolman
Mark Glogowski – Patrolman
Kurt Jendrejewski – Patrolman
Matt Kaminski - Patrolman
Ben Barch - Patrolman
Bruce Wigton - Patrolman
Steve Freiberg - Patrolman
Mark Glogowski, Sargent/Detective

Michele Williams – Police Clerk


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